GRANITO TECH - - Béton renforcé de petits grains de marbre 2/3 mm

Dalles et carreaux ce 30*30 à 80*80 et 60*120 cm, aussi vasques sur mesure et plateaux de table. Composé d’un choix de matières minérales finement tamisées, les sols en Granito sont adaptés aux salles de bains, cuisines et terrasses extérieures.

Terrazzo coloré en crème, beige et jauneÉvier double pour salle de bain, coloré en crème, beige et jauneinfo

Custom Integrated Sink

in G04

This sink will be the main highlight of a master bathroom. The double sink and large storage area to the side makes it convenient to be used at two.

by: Design Lab

Terrazzo en blanc, vert et beige Potager de cuisine en terrazzo blanc, vert et beigeinfo

Cast Integrated Sink

in G24

This integrated sink is meant for one of several kids bathrooms in a UK upscale villa. The large front edge makes the look massive and sturdy while the hollow core reduces weight to a minimum.

by: Design Lab

Terrazzo bleu canard, blanc et beigePlateau de table en terrazzo bleu canard, blanc et beigeinfo

Custom Tabletop

in G65

This is one table from a large hotel project toping 35 table tops. Tables were casted round, oval and square for a large rooftop bar where a worktop in the same material was also displayed.

by: Design Lab

Évier en terrazzo rose et blanc pour décorer une salle de bain Terrazzo coloré en rose et blancinfo

Custom Integrated Sink

in G79

A bold statement piece graces the scene: a flashy red granito integrated sink, defined by its crisp, razor-sharp straight edges. This contemporary sink design exudes confidence and modernity, infusing your space with an unmistakable sense of sophistication and flair.

by: Design Lab